Bruce Arians intends to keep coaching unless his golf game improves


Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has already made it extremely clear he intended to continuing coaching in 2021 after their Super Bowl triumph earlier this month.

But exactly how much longer does that the 68-year old Arians want to keep coaching? Well, it may depend on his golf game.

“It depends on my golf game because it sucks right now,” Arians joked on Wednesday, via quotes distributed by the team. “If it stays this bad, I’m going to coach for a hell of a long time. If it gets really good, maybe.”

Arians may be selling himself short with his golf game. Via his USGA GHIN, Arians is listed as an 8.1 handicap, which is a quite solid number for an recreational player. Nevertheless, it’s clear Arians has still got a successful run in coaching ahead of him while the chances of making the Champions Tour are nil.

Arians then said he’ll see what happens this year on the coaching front.

“But no, we’re coming back and going after two and see what happens from there,” he said.